East West Healing Arts offers several forms of bodywork utilizing the ones necessary to achieve the goal wether to relieve acute or chronic issues or maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Then again, maybe you'd just like to destress, relax, rejuvenate...        

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East West Healing Arts wishes to assist each individual through the applications of bodywork, support, and education as they seek Balance and Well Being in their lives 

East West products are formulated for External Purposes. The products are formulated to support muscle and connective tissues. They also may relieve pain and help restore the body's tissues.

Workshops and classes are offered to for personal growth.  The East West therapist also educates the individual through suggestions and recommendations for self care as well as offering appropriate treatment plans.  

Offering Healthier Living 
​Through Clinical Bodywork, 
Herbal Care, and Education
Asheville, North Carolina

Take a moment from your day. Read some thoughts to encourage, enlighten, or educate with Kevin's Blog,

One Path Among Many.  Writings to help with spirit,  movement, herbal care, or simple tales for your journey. 

East West Healing Arts is now offering a Rewards Wellness Program.  

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