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East West Rewards Program

Following your initial visit with East West Healing Arts, you will be eligible for the East West Rewards Program.  It's structure is very simple! It's based on the frequency of your therapeutic visits.  This plan was developed  to help those with their varying levels of care needed for their wellness.

Here is the structure:

Note: This Fee Structure is based on 60 Minute Massages.  If 90 Minute Massages are needed, they will be reviewed on a case by case basis

First Visit Fee as noted for the desired service whether Clinical Massage or East West Wellness Massage

One Massage Greater Than 30 Calendar Days but Less Than 4 months between Massages   $65

One Massage Per Month      $60

Two Massages Per Month     $55

More than Two Massages per Month    $50

Senior Discount Rate (60+) for All 60 Minute Massages     $60


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